Exhaust Lamp

Self initiated design

Exhaust is a modular lighting system made from off the shelf parts intended for the automotive aftermarket. With hand applied finishes and sculptural compositions, accesible materials are seen in an unexpected way.

Flutes - Juniper Design Group

Led design process with the design and development team at Juniper in Brooklyn, NY.

Inspired by architecture and musical structure, The Flutes is a modular lighting system of singular fixtures that expand into collective formations. Ionian, Lydian, and Dorian each multiply in rhythmic repetition – forming systems of light that uniquely harmonize with music and nature. Created with designers and architects in mind, the collection offers customizable lengths and arrangements, resulting in a modular lighting system with wide conceptual potential.

Alu-10 Lamp

Self initiated design


Self initiated design

Handmade planters made on a wood lathe. Process and material informs the shape of each one of a kind peice. These forms are an experiment in applying the idea of stream of consciousness to a designed product. Ultimately created to showcase the true complex beauty of the plants they house. Made in natural and colored ash and walnut.

I've Got Wood

Self initiated design

I’ve Got Wood was a collaboration with Mark Veljkovich and Robyn Meier Bouchard. Created to bring awarness to an over abundant material, Beetle Kill Pine. This once normal pine was infected and left for dead by the mountain pine beetle of the Rocky Mountains. Creating a market for this material would not only bring awarness to the potential wildfire risks, but could also spur a trend to use a material that would otherwise be wasted. Beetle Kill Pine is known for its distinct streaks of blue.